Outdoor Yoga

Guests of Blue Sky can take their yoga practice beyond the studio by taking their practice into a stunning, remote outdoor setting. Each practice is invigorated by breathing Blue Sky's clean alpine air and observing inspiring panoramic mountain views, followed by a nourishing selection of fresh squeezed juices and restorative teas. This outdoor yoga experience can be combined with hiking, mountain biking or horseback riding to your al fresco yoga location.

Family Yoga

Blue Sky's yoga program can be tailored for guests of all ages and beautifully balances presence and the spirit of play. Family yoga can be done either in the Sky Lodge's beautiful indoor yoga studio or in a myriad of inspiring outdoor locations on Blue Sky's 3,500 acres. Family Yoga is an ideal way for families to relinquish their digital devices for some dedicated time in which to reconnect with one another.

Guided Meditation

Reconnect the body, mind and spirit with a grounding guided meditation. Guests can opt to take their meditation outdoors to a beautiful, natural setting to reap even more health benefits, lower cortisol levels and strengthen healthy immune response. Guided meditation at Blue Sky is also a great experience to share with your significant other or the entire family, and can be combined with an invigorating outdoor hike or ride to boost circulation and connection to the body.

Vertical Vinyasa

Wander Blue Sky’s trails through mountains, meadows, creek beds, and forests. When the magical sight of colorful yoga silks hanging from the old growth trees appears, you will have made it to your destination. Yoga rooted in the Earth but hovering just above it is the next adventure. Elevate your practice, literally, during Vertical Vinyasa, then float back to reality on the return hike with an elevated perspective.